Unattended Transformer Monitoring & Diagnostic


Unattended Transformer

Monitoring & Diagnostic™

Available for Pad Mount, Pole Top and Pillars Transformers

Attachments: Magnetic, Screw

and Strap

Telliformer augments existing Transformers, adding intelligence and communications to legacy assets through a combination of our UTMD™ Devices and U-Tellignce Analytics, Diagnostics and Alert Management platforms.


This combination delivers immediate term benefits from active transformer monitoring and the expansion capability to embrace other legacy devices and platforms like SCADA and AMI to create a platform that can show correlation AND causality.  System features include:

Patented, Low Cost, Easy

to Install

System & Software

SaaS based basic platform deploys without internal IT interruption

 • “Adapter” based architecture allows for incremental expansion of the SW platform

 • “Pay as you go” delivers cost and operational flexibility

Telliformer delivers the industry leading solution for quickly adding intelligence to Transformers to:

      • Extend Asset Life

      • Address Theft

      • Improve Efficiency

      • Improve Reliability

      • Improve Customer Satisfaction

Real Time Monitoring and Alert System

The Device Manager allow communication and configuration of devices in the field. The device contains local onboard logic that processes the embeded alert and notification protocols. The protocol is a real time monitoring system that allow the user to define thresholds for current, voltage and temperture additional functions include outage detection and storing data during a network outage.


By augmenting existing Transformers, the Telliformer platform provides leading edge capabilities, fast deployment, cost effective operations and advanced capabilities while preserving current investments in technology and staff.  Call us today and let us help you create a program that delivers the innovation you need at a price you, and your customers, can afford.


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