DMS Utility Intelligence Platform


DMS Utility Intelligence


Plug-and-play data management platform

Real Time Solution

It is no longer enough to be safe, reliable and economical. Electric power supply is a business to which financial, environmental and market-oriented demands apply - just as it is for any other business. Operating a power distributing business in today’s environment means having the responsibility of managing resources efficiently, delivering optimal throughput, maximizing revenue and most importantly, the ultimate task of providing your customers with a predictable, consistent and reliable outcome. Simply put… keeping the power on in an efficient, dependable and sustainable manner. You need a partner that understands your business and a solution that delivers real-time, actionable data that drives operational results. Enter U-Telligence™.


The U-Telligence™ DMS Utility Intelligence Platform from Telliformer Smart Grid Solutions™ enables you to remotely monitor, diagnose and maintain those essential assets necessary to sustain and enhance the health of your power distribution system. U-Telligence™, with its patented technology, fosters the accelerated decision management capabilities of the knowledge worker and provides a single source of truth of your power distributing system.


• Real-Time Data and Communications – real-time operational intelligence that enables you to evaluate,   predict and act pre-emptively to mitigate impaired distribution operations.


• Analysis, Trending and User Insights – leverage the knowledge workers and their tribal knowledge to accurately identify system patterns to drive operational efficiencies.


• Data Optimization – by aggregating, cleansing, organizing and analyzing data, we ensure that the right information gets to the right person, to make the right decisions, at the right time for accelerated decision management.


 • Enhanced Alert Management – establish the appropriate smart business rules of engagement to systematically manage the dissemination of information to key stakeholders based on select performance indicators.


• Dashboard – a comprehensive visualization of your power distribution system to access multiple distribution assets for you to quickly understand the health of your distribution system.



U-Telligence™’s “plug-and-play” DMS Utility Intelligence solution is a non-intrusive tool that delivers immediate value by focusing on select key performance indicators:

Business Continuity

  - Reduction in Unplanned Outages

  - Pre-emptive Maintenance

  - Enhanced Business Effectiveness


Expedited Incident Response and Recovery

  - Immediate Fault Location Identification and Fault


  - Evaluate and Prioritize Fault Responses

  - Improved Human Capital and Recovery


  - Reduced Outage Costs


Immediate Return on Investment (ROI) and Cost Effective

  - Reduction of Power Theft

  - Speed to Value

  - Retrofittable with Existing Infrastructure e.g.

    Minimum Cost Field Mounting

  - Inventory Reduction

  - Reduced On-Boarding, Integration Costs, and

    Knowledge Transfer


Unlimited Return on Data

  - Enhanced Data Management: Know Your Data,

    Know Your Business

  - Incorporated Data Informed and Data-Driven

    Solution Management

  - Real-Time Knowledge Transfer and Distribution

  - Parallel Real-Time and Historical Intelligence



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