Switch Gear Intelligent Monitoring System™


Switch Gear Intelligent

Monitoring System™

Real Time Identification

and Notification Alerts

Low Cost, Easy to Install

and High Security

The SGIMS™ is a 16 DI PLC, real-time identification and notification system for your switchgear. Ingenious in its design, this is a mini SCADA system which provides the versatility of working alone or as part of your existing SCADA as it connects seamlessly to your main switchgear and reports each switchgear’s on or off position.


The SGIMS™ is a low cost system with instant payback with an intricate network of highly sophisticated firmware configurations that allows remote access to the device for upgrades and onboard alert changes.


We will configure real-time monitoring alerts using our U-Telligence™ portal, which sends frequent messages of current status via email and/or text. The SGIMS™ is truly your eyes and ears in the field!






The SGIMS™ is an advanced sensing and monitoring device designed with a highly robust micro-processor capable of on-board intelligence and two-way communication. A plug-and-play system that instantly provides immediate payback with the potential to completely revolutionize the way the power grid is managed and maintained.


For Critical Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Assets


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