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Professional Services

Selected practices of consultancy, professional services and tools to assist enterprises make their smart grid initiatives more flexible and less complex. Our Solutions coupled  with our professional services help utility companies to meet today’s Smart Grid challenges. Our senior consultants  strive to turn  these challenges into opportunities to develop their full potential, invest wisely and become more valuable.


With our diversified professional services we are able to analyze business problem, discover the root cause issue then resolve it in a manner that delivers real value to clients.


The promises of a smarter more reliable and efficient grid can only be derived through a well thought out strategic plan centered on realizing a greater ROI. The best avenue for utilities is to look at a “net rollout plan” that allows utilities to recoup legacy losses to offset expenditure for their smart grid projects.

Telliformer professional services’ practice is designed to meet the needs of the growing and rapidly changing utility industry.  Utilities are trapped between opposing forces including an aging infrastructure well past its expected life, a resistance to further expenditures by regulators, customer resistance to and mixed reports of benefits from billion dollar “smart meter” programs and changing technologies like distributed generation that current infrastructure cannot manage or monitor, creating safety and reliability issues.


The new realities are that over the next 20 years, electric utilities will likely spend some $2 trillion - $100 billion per year - on capital investments to replace aging power plants, implement new technologies and meet new regulatory requirements.


With so many changes, you need a company that understands your problems and diverse enough to move in a way that is strategic yet cost effective.


A look under the tent of our services you will find experienced people from every aspect of the utility industries.


We have put together a workforce of the young and old the experienced and the educated. We struck the right balance on how to provide you our customers with the solutions you need at the cost you can afford. At, Telliformer, you don’t hire one consultant you hire our knowledge center of over 100 consultants. These are some of the solutions we offer:

• Communications


• IT


• Smart Grid Automation


• Electrical Engineering Study


• Transmission & Distribution Consultancy


• Renewable Energy.




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