Substation Distribution Intelligent Monitoring System™


Substation Distribution Intelligent

Monitoring System™

For LV Substations

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One of the major issues confronting utilities and regulators as they begin to look at grid modernization and upgrade programs is the need to prioritize and sequence in an effort to:

• Address specific customer issues (e.g. power quality, resiliency, damage and effective incident response)

• Address regulatory and/or legislative mandates (distributed generation integration, renewables integration, etc.)

• Minimize infrastructure re-work

• Optimize capital expenditures

All of the above should be taken into consideration while trying to optimize overall spending on the programs.  Initially, programs around the world took a “pay and pray” approach, creating massive multi-year agendas impacting huge sections of their grid and deploying expensive technology whose payoff was uncertain and years out.  So far, most of these programs have experienced limited success.


 The positive side is what these initiatives have taught us: there is a need for analysis before, during and after the deployment of projects of any magnitude. It is imperative for utilities to be able to quickly establish, monitor and understand changes to the baseline as a program unfolds. This is why the Telliformer’s SDIMS™ solution is the answer.


The SDIMS™ solution allows for constant optimization, as well as the ability to cancel or change a project element that is not delivering on the promise.  The experience around the globe has been that the right place to start with management of this process is in the Secondary Substation.  Why?


Located between low voltage (secondary) distribution and high voltage distribution/transmission, the substation provides unique visibility up and down the grid.


The nature of substation monitoring (especially when coupled with point circuit, feeder and transformer monitors) can provide, in near-time, visibility into grid operations AND into the impacts specific changes to the grid or its equipment can have. Long gone are the days of sending out a crew to put in a filter to deal with harmonics from an industrial site and then waiting 4-6 weeks to see the impact. With the SDIMS™ you can observe data and analytics in minutes! The SDIMS™ system reports diagnostic information such as power factor, volts, amps, and kVAR, over an RS-485 network using the industry standard Modbus communication protocol. To protect valuable equipment, it has built-in alarm registers for over and under-voltage, current, and kVA.

Cost Effectiveness

While some programs led with Smart Meters, banking on their ability to deliver power data as well as billing information - the reality has unfolded that Smart Meters are expensive to acquire and install while a substation can be monitored cheaply and quickly.

Value Protection

Substations, and the transformers they house, can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build. Yet, one poor connection can cause a fire or explosion that could interrupt service, loss due to unbilled hours, need for expensive repairs or replacements and is a hazard to employees and customers in the area.


Using temperature sensors, substation monitors can watch for heat issues on the bus and transformers, providing early warning which allows for power to be shunted or shut off before a catastrophic event.

Speed  to Value

Unlike AMI, DMS or similar “big bet” projects that take years to deploy and require full implementation before real value is realized, Substations can be monitored selectively.  With the Telliformer U-Telligence™Data Management Platform, data immediately flows and value is instantly delivered with the first unit deployed - accelerating benefits and decreasing risks.


Telliformer’s substation monitoring program is the solution of choice. By providing information on voltage, kWh (billing quality) Harmonics, VARs and a host of other key quality metrics, the Substation is the monitoring linchpin-allowing your other programs to roll forward with greater ease and confidence.


You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and substations provide that window into the grid that allows for rapid adjustments of priorities and investments. This delivers immediate operational and engineering value-every time.


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