Outdoor Weatherproof HD-3g Wireless Security System™


Outdoor Weatherproof HD-3g Wireless Security System™

Easy to Install and Configure

Grid Eyes is a state of the art security and monitoring system that communicates wirelessly via the GSM network using a proprietary security protocol. It automatically sends an alarm record using MMS, e-mail, SMS, voice call or sends alarm records through our u-telligence portal. Copies of pictures and videos can be stored on the memory card.


Grid Eyes integrates the following built-in detectors that allow an intruder to be detected:

- Detects movement by sensitive detection of human body temperature


- Detects changes in a scene by taking snapshots regularly and comparing them


- Recognizes the specific sound of breaking window glass


- Detects opening (or closing) of doors and windows by sensing air pressure changes


- Recognizes any unwanted change in the camera‘s position and angle


- Recognizes micro vibrations of camera body caused by touching it by hand or another object


- Microphone which detects a noise above a defined level

100% Hassel-free setup, just Plug and Play

No prefessional installer, No Extra wires, No IP address setting, No DDNS address setting or router setting needed, just plug and play. Included free plug and play app allows for DIY users or installation companies to save valuable time and money when installing. After a simple 5-minute setup for a non-high-tech savvy end user, your camera wireless video monitor is online and secure, providing stunning video 24/7 when you're out. And also the included plug-and-play Multi-live surveillance package allows users to live monitor and record video from up to 64 cameras on PC. .


H.264 Compression & AAC Audio

The latest compression technology, H.264, allows for highly efficient network utilization and reduces the need to extensive storage solutions. This reduces costs and achieves higher quality for less power. Realistically bring true HD into the mainstream.


High Definition HD 720p Video

See and hear exactly what the HD 720P range does, from anywhere, with its in-built professional quality, high definition 720P video. With the highest quality CMOS lens and microphone you can experience outstanding quality video with full resolution at 30 fps.


Professional Connectors

The Bullet HD comes with a Digital I/O for systems integration, and 2-way audio capability (provided by a built-in microphone and audio out connector) allowing you to remotely talk to anyone at your cameras site.


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