Advanced Metering intelligent Monitoring System™


Advance Metering Intelligent

Monitoring System™

3 Phases 4 Wires Integrated

Low Cost, Easy to Install

Telliformer SGS is committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge smart grid solutions. As technology has advanced in other areas, customers have gotten smarter requiring more tools to control their electricity usage. Prepayment meters are being requested by not only customers but also utilities as they realize the intrinsic value of prepaid meters. Consumers have become increasingly budget conscious and continue to seek ways to save. On the other hand, utility providers have had to develop innovative ways to ensure that they receive payment from all customers, regardless of income levels.


The "pay- as you- go" concept is a new marketing strategy based on real-time consumption and usage tracking – giving control to both consumer and provider. The strategy leads to a "win-win" solution. The consumer pays for exactly what he has used (usage and account balance are calculated daily) and they can adapt their budget accordingly. The utility provider is paid in advance for future consumption which eliminates the additional administrative expenses associated with collection activities.


 There are various methods to prepayment for energy consumption and a payment solution is directly linked with the meter’s capabilities. Among the payment solutions used globally are: coins, tokens, pins, barcodes, memory cards and smart cards. The ability to use a mobile phone to interact with the pre-payment platform is likely to become available in the next phase of development.

3 Phases 4 Wires Integrated

The electric meter can support various crediting methods: collecting and adding funds with a user-friendly keypad on the meter main cover (configured with RS485 or RS232 supporting remote crediting function) or local crediting via optical port with PC or HHU.


The meter features an advance technology that results in: high accuracy, stable property, high over load protection, low power consumption, and additional  functions such as anti-tamper, prepayment, load control, profile, etc., - thereby protecting the investment of the utility.

Standalone and Adaptable Modules

A flexible integrated technology that works as a standalone pre-paid meter or our adaptable module that adds pre-paid functionality to existing AMI smart meters.


- Credit meter with a virtual code (secure and stable platform) simple operation with user-friendly keypad.


 - Measurement of 4-quadrant active energy and reactive energy (optional); always runs positive measurements.


- Configured with internal relay; thereby tripping automatically when the meter balance is zero or overdrawn.


- Three level credit alarm (with visible LED and audible beeping sound) to notify customer of credit status.


- Supports emergency overdraft and “friendly power supply” mode.


- Support load control for demand-side management.


- Relay malfunction detection and alarm.


-  Features limit value for meter credit - thereby avoiding credit hoarding.


- Tamper event detection and indication with visible and audible alarms.


- Waterproof, anti-dust and fire retardant design that can work in extreme environments.


- High resolution and wide visible angle LCD.



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