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Telliformer SmartGrid Solutions™

Telliformer SmartGrid Solutions™ (TSGS) is a leading provider in the power utility sector that delivers low-cost remote monitoring and diagnostic solutions through our U-Telligence SmartGrid Platform™ (UTSGP). With our extended family of Unattended Monitoring Devices (UMDs) coupled with our patented U-Telligence™ technology and software, our solutions provide a single source of truth across multiple power operations to offer you a comprehensive view of the health and sustainability of your utility assets; all in real-time.


From substations to feeder lines to transformers to smart-meters, our integrated SmartGrid solutions not only provide you with the ease of a “plug-and-play” protocol for quick and secure onboarding, the UTSGP solution set also offers both an immediate return on investment and data through advanced situational analysis and accelerated decision making – mitigating outages and enhancing incident response and recovery times though a solution that gauges in milliseconds. But that’s just the start.


At TSGS, our goal is not to just to provide you with solutions that are foundational for the sustainability of your power grid; we want to ensure your success and connect you with the possibility of things. From our initial discovery, pilot, implementation to ongoing care, we believe in making our team available to assist in every step of the way to help you get more out of your investment in our relationship. Through the TSGS Professional Services Group, you can rely on us to understand your unique business needs and requirements to provide custom solutions that can range from modestly reengineering business processes and workflows to developing custom applications. Simply put: We’re here to engage.




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